Baked Chicken Breasts



  1. Posted by ahutchens101, — Reply

    I love this recipe so much! I am only 12 years old and I made it really easily I made asparagus and fried rice with it and me and my family loved it! Sorry I didn’t get a picture

  2. Posted by hojosm, — Reply

    This sounds like what we use for our baked chicken and it does turn out great. We usually use some sort of herb though, depending on the side dish. But this video irks me because-raw chicken on a wooden cutting board-and when they go into the over the chicken is no longer pounded out!

  3. Posted by sauraelanthier, — Reply

    I made this with only 2 chicken breasts but with the same spice mix. These came out perfectly cooked and didn't need to be malletted.

  4. Posted by amandathepanda1175, — Reply

    This is delicious!! I just had it for dinner. It was so easy to make. It was juicy and yummy. Can’t wait to make it again.

  5. Posted by lateashiasaundersy, — Reply

    Hi.. I was wondering how long I should bake if I cut the recipe in half and use two chicken breasts? Thank you!

  6. Posted by hildamcshane, — Reply

    Excellent recipe! It’s a regularmy household. I believe resting the meat for ten minutes is key.

  7. Posted by carapelluccifra, — Reply

    When you bake chicken in the oven at 450 or 425, is it best to put on middle rack or bottom ?

  8. Posted by igloveu2, — Reply

    This was so good, moist and perfect i used paprika and added Montreal chicken seasons 👍

  9. Posted by giselljohnson, — Reply

    It was delicious, sorry no photo as we enjoyed it and ate it quickly, very soft and juicy.

  10. Posted by evvi388, — Reply

    How long do you cook it for and what temp????

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